Tina Withrow - Director of Client Services

With over 20 years experience to date.  Tina brings expertise in health care and advocacy to the Health-Sync team. Her background in the private sector include Met Life/United Health Care as well as Director of Community Relations & Patient Services for a large community based cancer center in the Dallas Fort Worth area.  Her pride is shown by her commitment to people affected by cancer and other chronic diseases. " I am proud of my work in the cancer & health care community.  Today,more than ever people need someone to work with them in the ever changing world we call health care.  You can easily get lost in the system and not ever know it.  My job is to work closely with clients and individuals to help them have a good outcome" Her training with the Harold P. Freeman patient navigation institute which is a part of the Ralph Lauren Cancer Center in NYC is considered  the gold standard for patient navigation. " We must stop people from falling through the cracks of the health care system, my job is to fight for what is best for the people who do not have a voice".  I don't always get everything done in my day, but I always feel great about what I have accomplished and who I have helped.". Health-Sync is glad to have Tina Withrow on our team


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